PhantAuth Avatar

if all you need is an avatar

What's the PhantAuth Avatar service?

PhantAuth Avatar service returns an AI generated human avatar picture URL based on an identifier which can be an email, hash, username or any other text after the prefix. The returned picture URL is generated from the identifier in a deterministic way. If you omit the identifier, then a random profile picture URL will be returned. You can specify the gender of the generated image by appending ;male or ;female to the identifier.

How many avatars are there?

PhantAuth Avatar service currently has over 10,000 different images.

Is it legal?

Yes. These people don't exists! Images are generated by AI.

Is PhantAuth Avatar free?

Sure, PhantAuth Avatar is a free open-source non-profit service. If you find this service useful and can afford, please make a small donation as a contribution to the operation costs (domain registration, service hosting, etc.)

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